Women fellowship for Christian Service

The Women’s Fellowship for Christian Service shall be organized under its own constitution accepted and approved by the Executive Committee of the Synod and it shall operate at the following levels of the Church:

(i) Pastorate
(ii) Diocesan, and
(iii) Synodical

It shall plan work among women of fellowship, Christian witness, cultivation of interest in and financial support for the Church and its projects and shall otherwise encourage women to take full part in the life and witness of the Church. It shall submit annually to the Executive Committee of the Synod a report on its work and plans as well as its annual budget and audited statement of accounts.

The Church of North India, Womens Fellowship for Christian Service, envisions a just society which respects women as they are irrespective of caste, creed, culture, colour, religions; affirming their dignity and role of leadership in the irrefutable and prophetic mission of peace, justice and reconciliation and thereby striving to fulfill God’s purpose for His creation.


  1. To empower the women of CNI for Gender equality, justice, rights.
  2. To struggle for women participation in the decision making process of the Church and the society.
  3. To act as a reconciliatory force for eradication of disputes within the Church.
  4. To bring peace and create spiritual environment in the life of the Church.
  5. To uphold Christian standards of marriage and make their homes the center of Christ like living.
  6. To recognize, maintain and create bonds of friendship with the women of India and other countries.
  7. To advocate for women’s participatory rights.
  8. To be a good neighbour to the earth.


  1. To unite women of all age groups of the CNI in the task of witnessing for Christ, their homes, neighbourhoods, places of study and work.
  2. To emphasize prayer life, study of the scriptures, stewardship of time, talent and possessions.
  3. To uphold Christian standards of marriage and responsible parenthood; to help the members make their homes the centre of Christ-like living.
  4. To participate in the Church’s work of pastoral care and evangelism, in its ministry of Healing and education, and in social work here in our country and beyond.
  5. To recognize, maintain and create bonds of friendship with the women of our land and other lands.


  1. To promote education for building up women leadership and developing their communication and managerial skills.
  2. To raise funds for making itself reliant, for supporting the Church and its programmes.
  3. To bring health awareness among women and children.
  4. To encourage and start income generating projects for the marginalized and underprivileged women with the NGO’s, Government Organizations and various other Church bodies.
  5. Building women and community agencies and revitalizing women-led, right based mass movements.
  6. Formation of SHG at local WFCS level which on longer run would work as an alternative political force.

The CNI-WFCS proposes to achieve its vision and mission by organizing specific programmes, with the support, co-operation and participation of the other wings of the Church of North India, i.e. CNI Programmes Department, Women and Gender Concerns, Children Concerns, Youth Concerns and also Communication Department, CNI Partner Churches and Mothers Union.


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