Synodical Youth fellowship

The Synodical Youth Fellowship shall be organized under its own constitution accepted and approved by the Executive Committee of the Synod and it shall operate at the following Church levels:

(i) Pastorate,
(ii) Diocesan, and
(iii) Synodical

It shall plan work among youth of the Church for fellowship, Christian witness, cultivation of interest in and financial support for the Church and its projects and shall otherwise encourage youth to take full part in the life and witness of the Church. It shall submit annually to the Executive Committee of the Synod a report on its work and plans, as well as its annual budget and audited statements of accounts.


  1. To share the good news of Love of God with the young people of all walks of life.
  2. To motivate the youth of CNI to partake in the mission and evangelical activities of the Church.
  3. To keep the youth of Church of North India spread across its Dioceses organized through different programmes/ activities in respect to its Mission Statement.
  4. To create space for Diocesan youth at all decision-making bodies of the Church of North India.
  5. To build the capacity of Diocesan youth to participate more meaningfully in the life and mission of the Church for a better living in the society.
  6. To propagate the motto of Unity, Witness and Service through different programmatic initiatives.
  7. To promote young leadership at various levels of the Church of North India.
  8. To build a youth movement within Church of North India that is spiritually strong, socially relevant and culturally oriented.
  9. To network with ecumenical youth organizations within India and overseas.
  10. To empower the youth on various issues of national interest.
  11. To help the church and society by doing various social and relief work.


  1. To help the Dioceses to form Diocesan Youth Fellowship Committees, if they don’t have any.
  2. To interlink the DYFCs through different programmes at regional and Synod levels.
  3. To advise the CNI Executive Committees on its youth agenda.
  4. To explore mission avenues within the Dioceses of Church of North India.
  5. To maintain unity among the young people of Church of North India through various programmes and activities.
  6. To help and encourage the DYFC in its programmes.
  7. To network with other youth movements and organizations to initiate and participate in the programmes of common understanding.


Ms. Shikha Massey
Diocese of Chandigarh
C/o St. Thomas Sr. Sec. School,
Brown Road, Ludhiana – 141 008
Mobile: 08196926008

Vice President
Mr. Jiban Jyoti Nayak
Diocese of Phulbani
At / PO – Simon Badi
Via – Daringbadi
Dist. Kandhamal
Odisha – 762 104
Mobile: 09437324175

Mr. Runit Isaac
Diocese of Agra
179, Paschimpuri
Sikandra Bodla Road
Agra – 282 007
Uttar Pradesh
Mobile: 09760443035

Ms. Shweta Ghule
Diocese of Marathwada
Swapna Purti Niwas
Shanitpura, Chawni
Aaurangabad – 431 001
Mobile: 08308016870