Mr. Alwan Masih, General Secretary, The Synod of the Church of North India is a post graduate in Rural Development with a Gold Medal from the prestigious Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi. He also holds an MA in English literature and has an MBA with specialization in Marketing and HR to his credit.  After serving for 23 years in a Government of India Body in senior leadership positions, Mr. Alwan Masih took voluntary retirement as Zonal Director and is serving the Synod of the Church of North India as its General Secretary since 2010.

Mr. Alwan Masih believes in serving the poor, underprivileged and the marginalized and is working passionately for building capacity of the Church functionaries. He is an advocate of transparency and accountability in our organizations and our lives. Sharing his burden of lack of any presence in the higher cadres of governance structure of the country which take major decisions, Mr. Masih, encourages and motivates young people of CNI to equip themselves to enter Civil Services so that biblical perspective is infused in Indian bureaucracy for justice to all.

Since 1982, Mr. Masih is part of the Dalit Movement in India with a clear thinking and key insights in these areas he plays a vital role in representing and addressing issues in respect of Dalit concerns. He possesses a good understanding of the challenges faced by Dalit Christians in India.

Mr. Alwan Masih is also the Secretary and Constituent Attorney of the Trust holding properties of the Church of North India and Editor- in –Chief of The North India Church Review (NICR) – the monthly magazine of the Church. He is on the Boards/Committees/Commissions of various Schools/Colleges/Institutions in India including prestigious St. Stephen’s College and St. Stephen’s Hospital, Delhi, CMC Vellore and CMC Ludhiana, Wilson College, Mumbai and Bishop’s College, Kolkata.

At the international level, he has served as the council member and the elected member of the Executive Committee of the Council for World Mission (CWM), a worldwide community of 31 churches involving more than 40 countries. He is also on the advisory council of the Anglican Communion worldwide and the member of the CNI/CSI Relationship Forum with the churches in the west. Mr. Masih’s vision for the Church of North India is to see it become self-reliant, spiritually growing and evangelically witnessing to the love and reign of God.

He is married to Bimla and is blessed with a daughter Rachel.