Community Study Centers

Delhi Brotherhood Society is now working almost more than four decades in the field of providing education to the slum children of Delhi and NCR. There are more than 1500 children in all our schools and most of them come from weaker section of the Society. Right from the beginning organisation aims was to reach out to such children and empower them with qualitative education which is available to the privileged children in our society. DBS is committed to achieve this vision through its mission of providing Education, Health, Skill Training, Community Organization, Communication, Homes or Institutional Care to the underprivileged section of society. The organisation is running almost 20 projects of development covering all the segment of the community e.g. children, women, adolescent girls and boys, senior citizens, physically and mentally challenged, orphan and destitute are benefiting by the programmes.

The two Community Study Centres run by DBS reaches out to the children from the underprivileged sections of the society. Children to the Shahid Nagar community centre comes from the nearby slums of Shahid Nagar, Ghaziabad and children at Nav Nirman Community centre comes from Frashkhana a place where the Commercial Sex Workers live. Following is the report from the two centres:
Child Care Programme at Shahid Nagar

The medium of the child care programme is Hindi but English is essential subject where they learn to read and write the language. As the centre is running in Shahid Nagar, UP the English is rarely known and learned by the locality therefore it is also one of our aim to teach the children the basic language to grasp to read and write. In this centre the age group of the children are 3 – 15 years. Till March 2016 around 85 children were enrolled, the children are also exposed to library, play ground, music and sports to shape their personality and make the education interesting so they children enjoy coming to the centre.

Each child receives proper and personalised attention and care. Personality development, life skills training and team building are some of the activities which develops self-esteem and confidence in children. Along with this children participated with great enthusiasm and vigour in all the major events like annual day, Independence and Republic day, various religious festivals, sports meet and showcased their varied talents to the visitors (both local and international) and the community at large. Some of the activities are highlighted as below:

  • Exposure visit & Picnic: This year the children were taken to Children Park (India Gate) and Bal Bhawan (New Delhi) for exposure visit and picnic on 28th November 2015. To generate interests towards History and Arts among the young underprivileged children, DBS took the children to the National Museum. This program provided a chance to our young children to learn about the museum, while making the process entertaining and fun.
  • Teacher’s Day Celebration: Every Year Teacher’s Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Students honour their Gurus’s and present some programme like skits, dance, songs and about the importance of the day etc. Gifts and refreshments are given to the teachers and children too have their snacks. This year too it was a pleasurable moment for the teachers. The children also staged a drama portaing the noble teacher who always cares and committed for the qualitative education. After the drama sweeks were disctributed to the children.
  • Children’s Day Celebration: A drawing competition was held on the occasion of children’s day on 14th November. They were told about the importance of the day. Children were given prizes and refreshments.
    Christmas Celebration: Every year children look forward to celebration of Christmas because it brings not only joy but also brings lots of gifts and sweets. This year the Christmas was celebrated by the children on 19th December 2015. The nativity of Jesus was presented by the children and the Incharge teachers gave the talk on birth of Jesus Christ and she shared the message of love of God to all human kinds. The children presented skits and dance performances.

Nav Nirman Study Centre for Children of Commercial Sex Workers at Frashkhana

The Frashkhana Community: This project has almost completed six years at Frashkahan. Since this place is very nearby to the G.B Road and the children are easily transported to the Centre for education and recreation. As the children are exposed in the area, the danger of pimps and the red light workers every day, it is therefore important to keep the children away from this hazardous environment for the safe and protected place where the children get education and nourishment for their future upbringing. The medium of the instruction in the Centre is Hindi but basic English is taught and children are eager to learn English rhymes. Besides providing the education nourishment we also try to extend the basic medical facilities such as immunization, supplementary diet and especial diet to malnourished children.

The aim was to engage the children in constructive educational activities in the ‘peak hours’ of business. 25 children regularly attend the evening programmes from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Each evening the activities revolved around a well planned time table which included prayer, studies, discussions, recreation and refreshment. 5 children were enrolled this year. In the day time all the children attended the government school. This effectively kept the children for most of the time in educational environment.
The area is congested and the children have nowhere to go out and play. Therefore, the Centre did its best to provide indoor games like chess, ludo, puzzles to sort out, carom and other board games. Each evening the children were provided supplementary diet for nutrition which included bread, lintels and vegetables. Milk and fruits were provided when ever available. The activities held in the reporting period were:

Sport Day: On 6th February 2016 sports day was held and children from the centre took part in this event. In it approach to provide holistic development of the child, DBS lays great emphasis on sports as well. Following the approach it conducts and train children in various sports and competitions are held to develop a sense of achievement and team work in the children. Sports day therefore becomes a major event for the children. On this day there are various team events are conducted, children are given prizes and they showcase various sporting activities.

Christmas Celebration: On 22nd December the children presented a Christmas nativity with great enthusiasm. All the children participated and the neighbours were invited as audience. The guests from the Sweden and Germany were also present. After the Christmas celebration sweets were distributed to the children and the neighbourhood. Each child received a toy from the guests.

Conclusion: As the partnership between Delhi Brotherhood Society and Church of North India grown strength to strength but still there are many children exposed to the dangerous environment of the red light areas, but due to financial constraint we appeal to many well wishers for more gifts and prayers. As these programmes have brought immense happiness and better future, we are also concerned for many other unreachable children of the locality. We pray to God that we very soon we will enlarge our capacity to reach out more children in the areas so that they also could bring from the dangerous situation to joyful and happy environment of the centres.